About Donny, Your Masseur


Donny, a gay man, is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area. He has worn many hats in his lifetime including airline agent, tax preparer, high school teacher, caregiver and entrepreneur.

After an awakening a few years ago, he began to be drawn to healing modalities including Reiki, hands-on healing and massage.

Donny met me at his door with a beautiful smile and a warm hug. He is very handsome and has a great body and a personality to match.---Jim

In May, 2005, he enrolled in the San Francisco School of Massage and graduated with a certificate in Swedish Massage.

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Donny in Trikonasana

Since then, besides developing his private practice, he also offers massage as a volunteer through Postitive Being, a non-profit, to low-income gay men with HIV in San Francisco.

I had a delicous 60 minutes session with Donny. His place is very comfortable, clean and inviting...His style, stretches, and use of his entire body was sensuous and erotic---Steve

Donny also volunteers as a musician and masseur at a hospice and at Laguna Honda Rehabilitation Center.

Besides being a skilled and intuitive Massage Therapist, Donny is also a violinist, violist, sound healer, author, linguist, yoga practitioner and teacher, and Midwife to the Dying.

Donny playing the violin shirtless