I just had my first visit with Donny and I can only say that I was blown away … he answered the door with a smile and a hug and brought me into his wonderful home …we talked about the massage and if I had any limitations during the massage … once the massage began I knew I was in for something special … Donny's pictures do not do him justice …he is very attractive and has a fabulous body … the kind of body one wants to hold on to and not let go … the massage was fabulous from beginning to end … his touch is incredible and as for the erotic side of the massage I could not say how much I was pleased … when you leave you will be relaxed, energized and satisfied … the erotic portion of the massage was incredible … this is one sexy man who is a fabulous gentleman … I cannot wait until my next visit with him …do yourself a favor and visit Donny …--Ed

Your Massage with Donny


It's finally time to ask for what you want..

It's time to be with a strong, caring man to hold this erotic sacred space for you.

Now is the time to be in your masculine power and strength with an experienced gay masseur who will hold your body as sacred.

Donny shirtless lying back

Whether it's your first time or your hundredth time, you are always greeted at the door with a warm smile.

I emailed Donny to get some basic information. He answered right away...his place is easy to find with available parking. The massage went great. I opted for the erotic massage, and it was erotic. Donny looks better than his pictures. Ask him to flex his biceps, he has great arms.---Mark

We sit together for a few minutes and you tell the man in front of you about yourself: what you want in your massage, what you really like, what you don't like, whether you want to be touched all over or not. That man in front of you, your masseur, wants to know what will please you the most.

This is all about you!

Donny posing

Together, we strip down and you're invited to lay down on the table. After a few moments, you feel the first touch of hands on your back. The massage oil has been heated, so it feels like you're getting into a warm bath.

Ok, I want this. Where do I call?".

The strokes are slow and light to begin with, but soon they become stronger and more encompassing. You are surprised at how the hands massaging you seem to know exactly where to go. You begin to feel tension releasing. You begin to open up. You feel the joy of being a gay man.

If you love masculine men with big hands, you'll be very satisfied. I was very happy with my experience. The massage was very professional with erotic elements thrown in. Best of all, donny is a real sweetheart and puts you immediately at ease. I would definitely recommend if you want a real quality massage from a very muscular daddy type.---Russ

You feel transported as more and more your body is waking up, feeling alive and hungry. There are more than just hands touching you: you feel a strong arm over your lower back and buttocks. The massage table shakes slightly and you're surprised to feel a hairy chest rubbing against your butt and back. Although you're still lying on your stomach, your hand becomes active and begins to explore as your feel a hard hairy thigh brush by. Your pelvis is feeling warm and sensations of pleasure pulsate through a gentle but masculine touch...

Ready for the fine print? Then read on!.